In all cases you should seek advice if you are in any way unsure as to your legal position. Any Member of the JFLA will be pleased to assist you - their fields of practice will include the following: 


The inevitable trauma of a separation, whether there are children involved or not, means that it is important for both parties to adopt a sensible approach to dealing with the many practical issues. Acting in a mature way at this stage increases the likelihood of a reasonable outcome for all involved. 


Divorce is the process whereby a marriage is formally brought to an end. There are various grounds for divorce and, although you are not obliged to see a lawyer, this is advisable where there are children or significant assets. 


The Court will regard the welfare of any children as being of the greatest importance. This is true whether the biological parents are married to one another or not. Child proceedings may therefore be issued with or without there being any divorce. 

Financial matters

After the major decisions relating to the children, the most important task is the resolution of financial matters. As well as the obvious assets such as a family home or business, consideration must be given to intangible assets such as pensions and life insurance policies. 


The impact of divorce or separation on the distribution of your estate is often overlooked. This is especially important where there is a subsequent remarriage or stepchildren to be considered.